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【4.22 sat 20:00- stock sales start】MASSIVE PANTS

SKU: CLS-PT-2306
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Wide pants with rounded volume.

The silhouette features a balloon silhouette with a unique curved pattern.

The waist is elastic, and a string is passed through the inside of the waist, so you can wear it without a belt.

Since the rise is set deep, you can enjoy it with your favorite wear such as waist or high waist.

The fabric is compact twill using Turkish organic cotton.

Compact yarn No. 30 two-ply yarn is woven at high density,

It is a fabric with a high-quality luster and tension with little fluff.

[Compact yarn]
Cotton thread is divided into three grades: "carded thread", "combed thread" and "compact".

It is graded according to the degree of the process of removing impurities and short fibers,

Among them, the most expensive one is "compact yarn".

The characteristics of this thread are that it has much less fuzz than regular thread and has a glossy feel.

Since there is little fluff, the beauty of the surface of the fabric will last for a long time even after washing.


Waist : 78cm - 95cm

Rise: 34.5cm

Inseam: 71cm

Watari: 41cm

Hem width: 26cm


186cm : Free

168cm : Free